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SunCrowd is a movement of Australian households taking their energy future into their own hands.

SunCrowd helps communities run local bulk-buy campaigns to make rooftop solar and storage easy and affordable. Our unique launch events, pop-up shops and personal consultations remove the decision-making complexity and confusion associated with these new energy technologies, whilst using our collective purchasing power to lower prices.

An important focus of our NSW campaigns in 2016 is to assist solar households whose 60c feed-in-tariff is coming to an end. We provide an easy changeover by offering multiple energy solutions in one place.

At our launch events a team of experts will be ready to guide you through the complex decision-making process of choosing the right solar and storage system. Enjoy live demonstrations of the technology on offer and meet your local installer.

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Our local campaigns offer participants reliable and affordable energy solutions.

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Energy storage system

Rooftop solar

Rooftop solar

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Switch retailers with SunCrowd

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Changing your meter with SunCrowd

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Use our easy-to-use tool to see your benefits from installing solar and batteries. Our tool uses 365 days of energy use data and real, local solar data to give you an accurate snapshot of your benefits.

Together, we make it easy

One house­hold

On your own, you’re subject to
complexity, confusion and
misleading deals.


Many house­holds

Together, we have trust,
confidence and collective purchasing power.


Together, we drive down prices


How each campaign works

Local community groups spread the word about the campaign and launch event. At the community launch event the technologies are revealed, expert guidance is provided to match your personal energy needs. After the event, offers remain open and deposits taken for a limited time period. Orders are then processed and shipped in bulk. Participants either pick up the technology at a local ‘Pickup Party’ or have it delivered to their door. Finally, the technology is installed by your local installer.

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Get ready for your local bulk-buy campaign in New South Wales.

This October, SunCrowd is launching our next round of bulk-buy campaigns in partnership with 8 enthusiastic local community groups in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands.

In January, we’ll be rolling out elsewhere in NSW, before expanding beyond in 2017.

Our first buy-buy campaign in Newcastle bulk-buy campaign has been a huge success with nearly 200 local residents adopting solar and storage for their homes.

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